Concrete Slump Testing Equipment

Our concrete slump testing equipment is designed to assist in the measurement of consistency in concrete batches. These concrete slump test products accurately measure the workability of fresh concrete for your project.

Concrete Slump Test Kits and Devices

Certified Material Testing Products offers a wide range of concrete testing equipment, which specifically includes a large segment of slump testing equipment for a variety of different jobs. Our slump cone test sets are complete kits that provide all that you need to perform your concrete slump test.

Our most popular Portable Slump Cone Test Set will allow you to perform a slump test on freshly mixed concrete. Other featured slump testing products include a variety of Tamping Rods and Slump Cones made from corrosion-resistant steel.

All of our concrete slump testing equipment meets ASTM C 143 standards. Our products are in-stock and ship today!

Best Concrete Slump Test Equipment Includes:

Concrete Slump Testing Equipment Cone Set
  • Tamping (Puddling) Rod with Tip
  • Aluminum Scoop, 38oz, Round Mouth, #2
  • Portable Standard Slump Cone Test Set
  • Aluminum Scoop, 24oz, Round Mouth, #1
  • Slump Cone
  • Plastic Slump Cone
  • Economy Slump Cone Test Set
  • Slump Cone, Base and Rod Set
  • Slump Cone Test Base Plate