Gilson MC-60 Hveem-N-Beam Tester


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• Designed for Hveem testing of asphalt samples, R-Value testing of soil samples, and flexural testing of concrete beams.

• Useful for a variety of mid-range compression testing.

• Digital controller has memory for 1,000 tests and downloads to printer or PC.

• 60,000lbf capacity.

Hveem-N-Beam Tester’s versatile mid-range 60,000lbf (267kN) digital compression tester is suited for a variety of tests, but it is specially designed for Hveem asphalt stability testing, R-Value testing of soil samples, or (with attachments) recorded flexural testing of 6x6in (152x152mm) concrete beams. A test set for 2in (51mm) cube testing is also available, and sets for other applications can be offered on request.

The display shows live load, peak load, peak stress, and load rate with 0.5% accuracy from 1%—100% of capacity in 0.44in digits. Load may be displayed in lbf, N, or kgf, and memory is provided for up to 1,000 tests. Optional RS-232 interface allows transfer of data to PC, or direct printouts can be made using the Printer Accessory. The 2.5in (64mm) working stroke hydraulic ram has control positions for rapid advance, metered advance at constant loading rate, hold, and retract. The two-stage hydraulic system is powered by a 1/2hp motor, and safety features limit pressure within load frame capacity, protect against piston overextension, and guard against flying specimen fragments. The rigid onepiece solid steel load frame is supplied with an 8in (203mm) diameter 1in (25mm) thick hardened steel lower platen and a 6.5in (165mm) diameter spherically-seated upper platen. Both are plated and scribed with concentric circles.

The Hveem-N-Beam Tester is set up for Hveem and R-Value testing as supplied. Upper platen shim locks are included to eliminate swivel for mold compaction. The unit has a special Hveem valve that is manually activated to drop to 1,000lbf and automatically hold there within ±20lbf as necessary in the test procedure. The 14in (356mm) wide and 21.5in (546mm) high (16in high with platens) daylight openings and included support stand are designed to permit easy placement and use of the Hveem stabilometer. See the Kneading Compactor and R-Value Molds listed elsewhere. Inquire regarding Stabilometer and other Hveem testing accessories. An optional Digital Travel Rate Indicator is available, please inquire.

The Flexural Attachment and Spacer are required for testing 6x6in (152x152mm) beams of 12—30in (305—762mm) span in either center or third-point loading. A special included software provision allows instantaneous direct plotting of Modulus of Rupture (MOR) in lbf/in2 vs. time when the Printer Accessory is attached. The plot is automatically scaled to fit 8.5x11in plain paper, and the peak MOR is printed on the plot to ±0.5% machine accuracy along with specimen and operator IDs, test date, and time.

The versatile Hveem-N-Beam Tester can be adapted to suit a variety of other mid-range test procedures. A 2in (51mm) Cube Test Set is available. Inquire for other possible applications including compressive strength of 6x12in soil cement cylinders, 3x6in grout or concrete cylinders, and for molding and strength of 2in, 3in, or 4in diameter bituminous concrete specimens.

Overall Dimensions with included support stand are 31.8x17x61in (806x432x1549mm), WxDxH.

Electrical: 115V/50-60Hz

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM C 109
ASTM C 293
ASTM D 1560
ASTM D 1561
ASTM D 2844
CALIF. 301
CALIF. 366