Houghton HM-308 Soil Pocket Penetrometer, Chrome-Plated with Engraved Scale


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The Chrome-Plated with Engraved Scale Soil Pocket Penetrometer is a lightweight direct reading penetrometer and gives instant information for classification of cohesive soils on site or in the lab. Use is required by OSHA for trenching and excavation inspection. The unique engraved scale is machined and roll formed into the chrome metal so that the scale is permanent and can withstand heavy usage.

Spring Operated Soil Pocket Penetrometer, Chrome-Plated with Engraved Scale

The spring-operated Soil Pocket Penetrometer device has a 1/4in (6.4mm) dia. loading piston that is pushed into the soil up to a calibration groove machined on the piston 1/4in from the end. The permanent scale on the piston barrel reads approximate unconfined compressive strength in tsf2 or kg/cm2. An indicator sleeve retains reading after piston is released.

Soil Pocket Penetrometer, Chrome-Plated with Engraved Scale Specifications

The spring is calibrated and plated for rust resistance. Complete Soil Pocket Penetrometer weighs only 2oz (57g); dia. is 3/4in (19mm) and length is 6in (152mm).

Adapter Foot Attachment of 1in dia. has sixteen times the piston area, for soft soils (ordered separately).