Features of the Best Soil Sampling Tools

Features of the Best Soil Sampling Tools

18th Mar 2019

Having the proper soil sampling tools and equipment is essential to getting an accurate read on the quality of soil at a site. But aside from just being an auger or a probe, there are several key features that separate the best from the rest. You should always take these factors into consideration before you buy soil sampling equipment for your agricultural, environmental or construction needs.

Soil Auger Features

A soil auger is an essential piece of soil sampling equipment for general testing. In order to do its job well and last a long time, it needs to be made of sturdy, high-quality materials like stainless or carbon steel. At Certified Material Testing Products, we use carbon steel for our soil augers because we believe it's the best material for a wide range of soil types. No matter where you need to pull a sample from, our augers will get the job done.

Another great feature of our augers is that the blades are fully welded to prevent bending and separation from the auger head. An auger from Certified Material Testing Products only stops working when your job is done for the day.

Finally, your soil sampler equipment should be able to reach a variety of depths to give you a comprehensive soil profile. We have a variety of auger extensions, including 3 foot, 4 foot and 5 foot additions. With Certified Material Testing Products, you'll be able to obtain all the soil samples you need for testing and classification.

Soil Probe Features

Because soil probes generally require manual turning to dig their way into the ground, it's essential that they have comfortable handle grips. The soil sampler equipment at Certified Material Testing Products has padded grips for easy handling and optimum comfort, no matter how many samples you're taking.

To minimize sample loss, soil sampling tools like probes should use core catchers or another form of retention system to make sure loose materials aren't lost when they're recovered from the borehole. The probes at Certified Material Testing Products use a variety of methods to keep soil samples intact, including a "Reach and Grab" system which consists of a threaded top cap and window slots that allow you to remove the liner without disturbing your sample.

Soil Sampling Kit Features

Having a good kit of soil testing equipment on your side will make the sample collection process easier, faster and more accurate. A quality kit should generally consist of essential tools like a probe and auger, as well as a soil ejector scoop, multiple probe tips to accommodate varying soil consistencies and a cleaning brush to help limit sample contamination while in the field. You can find all of this soil sampling equipment and more in one of the kits offered by Certified Material Testing Products.

Make Certified MTP Your One-Stop Shop For Soil Sampling Tools

We have more than just augers and probes at Certified Material Testing Products. With us, you can find soil testing equipment ranging from penetrometers to hydrometer analysis tools. Browse them all today or contact us with any questions.