Soil Testing Equipment

Choose from our selection of soil testing equipment from our categories below. We understand the importance of measuring soil quality, and we’re dedicated to providing the right tools to do the job for your specific soil testing applications. Buy soil testing equipment with confidence from Certified Material Testing Products.

Soil testing is a crucial part of determining soil value in agricultural and chemical applications. Our soil testing equipment is essential for determining chemical and nutrient composition, grain size, and compaction - among other data. Our reliable, accurate, lab-quality kits and soil testing equipment truly are state-of-the-art.


Quality Soil Testing Equipment

Like all of our equipment, Certified Material Testing Products provides top-of-the-line soil testing equipment. Soil testing encompasses a slew of analyses, ranging from the composition of a soil sample to its fertility. At Certified Material Testing Products, we understand that accuracy is crucial in data measurement and analysis. That’s why we take pride in providing the best soil testing kits to farmers and surveyors alike.

Our soil testing equipment includes simple augers, samplers, and classification charts, as well as pH meters and strength test systems. So whether you’re going out in the field for research, or checking your field to predict next year’s yield, you can rely on Certified Material Testing Products soil testing equipment and soil testing kits.

Soil Testing Penetrometers

Our popular pocket penetrometers are the soil testing leaders in determining soil cohesion and classifications. The soil pocket penetrometer is always in stock, so you can buy knowing that your testing will not be delayed.

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