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Scales Testing Equipment

Certified Material Testing carries a broad range of scales testing equipment for a wide range of weighing and measurement applications. Whether you’re looking to measure a parcel or a pallet, we’ve got a scales testing solution for you. We carry floor scales to lend convenience to measuring larger objects. We also carry small tabletop scales to lend you accuracy when it counts. We have mechanical scales for simple measurements, and our high-tech scales offer a slew of features like digital readouts and instant calibration.

Specialized Scales Testing

Certified Material Testing also carries specialized scale products. Our selection of scales testing equipment includes professional weighing tables and anti-vibration tables. We also carry brand name scales including, A&D Scales, Adam Equipment Scales, OHAUS Scales, and Radwag Scales. Our Ohaus brand scales, as well as the Radwag scales and the A & D scales, ship immediately.