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Air and Concrete: How Much Should They Mix?

10th Sep 2018

The air entrainment process is a crucial for creating strong concrete that can weather the elements. As such, the concrete air test is just as necessary as other common strength and slump tests. … read more

What To Do If Your Concrete Fails A Strength Test

11th Jul 2018

Whether you're building a sidewalk or a skyscraper, your concrete needs to handle whatever stress is placed on it. So, what do you do if your concrete cylinders test yields poor results? These and … read more

How Often Should Concrete Be Tested During Construction?

19th Jun 2018

Have you ever asked a seasoned concrete professional, “How often should concrete be tested?” If so, it’s likely their reply raised more questions than it answered. That’s because the question of ho … read more

How To Test Concrete That’s Already In Place

7th May 2018

Concrete strength testing is an essential part of the construction process, allowing you to ensure that your structure will stand the test of time. However, some concrete strength tests are destruc … read more