Cement Testing Equipment

Cement is an ingredient in concrete and is a mix of aggregates and paste. So much like the need to control the quality of concrete through testing, those in the construction field need to test for the quality of cement going into the concrete. The ingredients going into the concrete need to be optimal for a strong foundation and part of that is to have proper cement testing equipment.

Cement, used for grout and mortar need to be tested with the proper cement testing equipment, according to building standards. The fineness of the cement will help when the water is added. The size of the cement particles creates either more or less surface area for the particle to absorb the water and it will affect the hydration and therefore affect how the cement is prepared for the concrete. Testing the fineness is advised using a Cement Fineness Test Apparatus and other cement testing equipment to ensure the cement is perfect for use in concrete.

Other Cement Testing Equipment and Supplies

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