Karol-Warner 3880, 1,000cc Constant Head Tank


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The 1,000cc and the 4,000cc Constant Head Tanks are clear acrylic tanks to supply water to Soil Permeameters when conducting constant head permeability tests. Each has a regulating valve for flow control of water and porous media on the bottom to filter out air bubbles. These units maintain a constant hydraulic head via an overflow port. They can also be connected to tap water or a deaired water source. Wall-mounted rails provide support and the height is easily adjusted with movable brackets. The unit is equipped with a saddle valve for connection to a water source and necessary tubing for hookup to the test chamber.


  • Maintains constant head pressure for permeability testing
  • Easy to install, operate, and maintain

Included Items:

  • 1,000cc Constant Head Tank or 
    4,000cc Constant Head Tank
  • Saddle valve for connection to a water source
  • Tubing for hookup to the permeameter
  • Wall Mounts