180cc Toxic Interface Unit


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Toxic Interface Units allow safe permeability testing of soils using toxic chemicals. Two chambers are required between the Control Panel and Permeameter. This prevents the chemicals from entering the panel and venting to the atmosphere, and also isolates the chemical to the sample and the lower half of each interface chamber. This section of the chamber contains a stainless steel tube, base and a zero volume change ball valve. The tube and base are sealed with a Viton O-Ring.

The units are equipped with a Viton diaphragm which is used to isolate the chemical from the water within the chamber. Karol-Warner has also developed a Viton-coated membrane to encapsulate the chemically-contaminated soil sample. A clear polycarbonate top section is used for viewing the diaphragm position.


  • Allows safe handling of potentially toxic permeants
  • Stainless steel and Viton contact parts resist many corrosive liquids
Product Dimensions

6.3 x 10.1in (150 x 160 x 257mm) W x D x H