Gilson SS-12R Sieve Shaker 8"/12" with Tapping

Sieve Frame Diameter:
Shaker Agitation:
Test Sieve Capacity:
10 Full Height/20 Half Height
Particle Size Range:
1in - No.635

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The sieving action of the 8"/12" Gilson Sieve Shaker with Tapping is based on research to obtain sharp, repeatable separations quickly over a broad range of particle sizes and material types. This Gilson Sieve Shaker uses unique sieving action, includes a built-in digital controller for precision, and capacity for up to 6 full-height 12in aggregate sieves with pan.

Gilson Sieve Shaker Circular Rotation

The exclusive action of this Gilson Sieve Shaker results from perfect circular rotation of the sieve stack and vertical two-way tapping at 48 taps per minute. Circular rotation is superior to inefficient back-and-forth actions that create “dead spots” and prevent complete separation. Particles roll in all directions relative to the pattern of woven sieve mesh. “Up” taps mix, reorient, and redistribute particles to present new orientations to sieve surfaces. “Down” taps assist passing of near-size particles to clear the mesh. These high-capacity shakers can hold as many as twenty sieves, depending on model and sieve frames.

Gilson Sieve Shaker Digital Controller

The Gilson Sieve Shaker built-in precision digital controller features push-button start and resets desired test time automatically for exact repeatability up to 59 minutes, 59 seconds. A pause function allows the cycle to be suspended and resumed with no loss of test time, and a five-second audible alarm sounds at completion of the interval. The controller is simple to program and the large, bright 1/2in (12.6mm) LED display is easy to read.

Gilson Sieve Shaker Functionality for Testing

The Gilson Sieve Shaker includes an integral sieve cover is positioned on two stainless steel guide rods and quickly adjusts to any sieve stack height. The clamping system secures the cover in place and adds vertical pressure from a center knob to prevent movement of the sieve stack. An internal counterbalance system allows the unit to remain stationary during operation without permanent mounting. The unit may easily be moved an again, using the adjustable footpads for leveling. This 12in Sieve Shaker is housed in sturdy painted steel cases and powered by 1/3hp electric motors. Sieves and accessories are ordered separately.

Capacity of the Gilson Sieve Shaker

The 8"/12" Gilson Sieve Shaker w/Tapping holds up to thirteen half-height, ten intermediate height or six full-height 12in (305mm) sieves with pan. 12in sieves have over twice the effective sieving area as 8in sieves. Recommended sieve size range is 2in (50mm) to No.635 (20µm). Characteristics of individual materials may alter the useful particle size range when using the Gilson Sieve Shaker.

The Gilson Sieve Shaker comes with an adapter included, allowing use of 8in sieves. With 8" adapter, this sieve shaker will hold up to twenty half-height or ten full-height 8in sieves with pan.

8"/12" Gilson Sieve Shaker Specifications

Below are the detailed specifications for the 8"/12" Gilson Sieve Shaker.

  • Frame Diameter: 12in (305mm), 8m (203mm)
  • Motion/Agitation: Tapping
  • Full Height Sieve Capacity (including pan): 10, 8in, 6, 12in
  • Half Height Sieve Capacity (including pan): 20, 8in, 13, 12in
  • Intermediate Height Sieve Capacity (including pan): 10, 12in
  • Mounting Compatibility: No
  • Dimensions: 22.5x12.5x239.5in (572x312x1,003mm), WxDXH