Concrete Air Entrainment Meters

Certified Material Testing Products offers a variety of concrete air entrainment testing meters designed to assist in the measurement of air entrained in concrete samples. Our most popular concrete air entrainment meter is the Concrete Air Meter with Stainless Steel gauge. Made in the USA, this affordable concrete air entrainment meter features a sturdy industrial rack and pinion mechanism and is accurate to ±1% of full scale.

Featured Concrete Air Entrainment Testing Meters

The newest additions to our collection of concrete air entrainment testing meters are the Concrete Pressure Air Meter Kit with a rugged Gorilla Gauge and the Super Air Meter that has a digital gauge. For a quicker and less expensive approach to testing air entrainment in concrete, our Chace Air Indicator Kit is a perfect choice.

Air Entrainment Meters with Concrete Testing Equipment

In addition to our concrete air indicators or our concrete air entrainment, make sure you look through the rest of our concrete testing equipment. We are dedicated to bringing both quality products and quality customer service. So if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us.