28 Days to Testing Concrete for Strength

28 Days to Testing Concrete for Strength

Posted by Ryan Morrison on 11th Feb 2015

Materials testing offers a way to evaluate the materials and see if they have the integrity needed to meet standards for building. Concrete is one building materials that needs to be tested before using in a structure and after it has cured to measure its strength, however, it would take years for the concrete to reach its ultimate strength. Therefore, a strategy about when to test was decided upon as it would be unrealistic to allow the concrete to sit, unused for several years before finishing a building project, the concrete is tested for strength at 28 days after it is poured.

28 days seems like a very short amount of time if the full process takes years, but there is logic to testing at that date. This amount of time was decided upon because as the concrete goes through the process of curing, called hydration, it gains strength. Fortunately for the construction process, the hydration process happens quickly at the beginning, then slows down and is fairly consistent until it’s fully hydrated after several years. Because most of the hydration happens at the beginning, the concrete can be tested at 28 days to determine the majority of its strength then and the decision can be made to move forward or not.

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