A Better Process with a Concrete Testing Product

A Better Process with a Concrete Testing Product

5th May 2014

If you're trying to streamline your concrete process, you need products that make pouring and testing simple and easy. With a new concrete testing product from Certified Material Testing Products, you can accurately test the slump, the strength, and the consistency of your concrete. Perhaps you're attempting to cure concrete samples, and have run into roadblocks due to inoperative our outdated equipment. If so, our site has everything you need to get back up and running.

When you need concrete curing equipment, you need products that are reliable and durable. When it comes to durable, there isn't much that beats galvanized steel. Our 300 Gallon Galvanized Metal Curing Tank is perfect for beams, cylinders, and other concrete samples that need to cure properly. If you don't need a 300 gallon capacity, we have tanks in 95, 142, and 252 gallon options. If you need an immersion heater, this Curing Tank Heater will serve you perfectly.

For superior merchandise and outstanding service, visit Certified Material Testing Products today. We're always committed to helping you find that next concrete testing product and making sure that your process works for you, not against you. Your samples will cure correctly, your tests will turn out right the first time, and your stress level will remain low. Visit our site and find everything you need for concrete, asphalt, soil, and more. We also carry transport racks and portable solutions for when you need to remain mobile in the field. Let us know today how we can help you!