From Materials Testing Experts: Why Asphalt Testing Is Crucial

From Materials Testing Experts: Why Asphalt Testing Is Crucial

Posted by Madwire on 4th Nov 2014

Here at Certified Material Testing Products, we love helping our customers and providing education about our products is something we take pride in. Our asphalt testing products are just one of our many materials testing products that we carry. We get quite a few questions concerning asphalt testing and we want to explain why it's so important to test your asphalt.

It's incredibly important to understand how asphalt testing can benefit many people and even save lives. Why? Because when asphalt is properly tested, you can address issues such as structural damage and faulty composition and these things can be repaired if needed before serious injuries occur. It's important to know that to ensure proper testing is done, one needs to have the right testing materials as well as conditions. Asphalt itself must be tested at very high degrees - way over 100 degrees - and at very low temperatures - lower than 20 degrees below zero.

If done correctly, the testing sample will provide many pieces of data to those performing the test. It is normally done in a laboratory so that the environment can be controlled. However, it can also be done on sight of a questionable portion of road, too. This can work well because those inspecting the road can see its conditions and its actual size. The inspectors can check the penetration, viscosity, cracking, and ductility. Viscosity checks how well the asphalt's layers perform under pressure and ductility shows how much the asphalt can be stretched before it will break.