Have the Right Materials for Testing your Concrete

Have the Right Materials for Testing your Concrete

Posted by Ryan Morrison on 8th Jan 2015

Checking to make sure your materials, like concrete, asphalt, aggregate and soil are tested properly involves having the correct equipment, perfectly calibrated for testing. For instance, before a construction jobs can take off, the concrete has to be tested according to regulations for the United States. Therefore, having the materials you need on the job site, like a Slump Cone Test Set, to do a proper concrete slump test is imperative to make sure the cement has been mixed well and will set right.

Be sure all of your site supervisors know the regulations for concrete testing and what equipment to use for each test before, during and after (where necessary) construction on a new build. The concrete testing makes sure the concrete will be sound once poured and set. It covers the physical and mechanical aspects, the chemical make up, visual and microscopical, and its durability so when it is laid it will have the longest life possible. Testing can also be done on existing concrete to test and make sure that it is secure for the present structure. Each of these tests requires standard equipment for good readings.

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