The Proper Spacing with Certified Concrete Testing Products and Accessories

The Proper Spacing with Certified Concrete Testing Products and Accessories

18th May 2014

When you're planning a pour for structural or architectural concrete, you want to know that the rebar and mesh you use will provide the support and strength that they're supposed to. Proper spacing is required to ensure that the rebar and mesh are positioned correctly before you begin pouring concrete. At Certified Material Testing Products, we carry the certified concrete testing products and accessories that will make your job much easier.

With a full line of Concrete Accessories, you can set up your rebar framework in no time at all. We carry leveling shims, spacers, rebar saddles, and more. Our spacer wheels will ensure that the rebar in your sidewalls and columns are properly covered, and that they don't shift during your pour. If you have larger pieces of rebar, these support chairs will work with any diameter, and all you'll have to do is wire tie the rebar to them.

It's never good to have to break out poured concrete due to inadequate coverage and rebar that's moved during your pour. Get the results you need the first time by shopping with us for certified concrete testing products. Whether you're building a column, a load-bearing wall, a bridge, or a tunnel, our products and accessories will serve you perfectly in the field. You'll be able to feel confident and know that your concrete is solid and secure, and that the rebar or mesh inside is properly spaced and covered, giving you maximum support for the rest of your construction project.