M.C. Miller 15620 Concrete Corrosion Mapping System


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The Corrosion Mapping System rapidly determines the status or relative likelihood of chloride-induced corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete. Utilizing the half-cell potential method, the instrument is used to scan bridge decks, highway slabs, walls, and other structures.

Steel buried in concrete is normally passive to corrosion until chlorides cause formation of anodic and cathodic areas and the associated flow of corrosion currents. Half-cell measurements are an indicator of corrosion activity. The half-cell is electrically connected to the concrete by a water saturated foam sponge. By connecting a cable from the meter to a rebar in the structure, the electrical circuit is completed. The resulting potential reading is an indication of the corrosion activity of the steel in the vicinity of the reference cell. The probe can attach to a long handle for ceilings.

Survey data can be plotted to provide an easy to interpret graphic picture of the structure. From this plot, as shown above, probable corrosion areas and the total area of the structure subject to corrosion can be determined.

System includes high-impedance meter, reference electrode with surfactant reservoir, dispensing sponge, two 15in (381mm) extensions, reel with 250ft (76M) of wire, reference guide and operating manual, all in a sturdy plastic case. Meter has memory capacity for 15,866 half-cell readings. A rebar meter is also recommended.

Meets Test Methods:

  • ASTM C 876
  • BS 1881

Our Concrete Corrosion Mapping System (CCMS) can be used to satisfy the ASTM C-876 standard test method.

The kit contains all equipment items that are needed to perform a corrosion survey on virtually all types of reinforced concrete structures, such as bridges, highway slabs and parking garages.


  • LC-4.5 Voltmeter (Item #5203)
    • Red, 6 ft Lead with 27-C (40 Amp) Clip (Item #33808)
    • Black, 6 ft Lead with 27-C (40 Amp) Clip (Item #34903)
  • Sponge Bottle Electrode - Copper Sulfate Version (Item #15625)
  • RE-2.5U Electrode (Item #14905)
  • Surfactant Solution, 4 oz (Item #15628)
  • Anti-freeze Solution, 8 oz Bottle (Item #17105 )
  • Copper Sulfate Crystals, 12 oz Bottle (Item #16906)
  • 15 inch Intermediate Electrode Extension (Item #16200)
  • Electrode Extension Adapter for LC-4.5 Voltmeter (Item #5701)
  • Agra Reel with 250 ft #16 AWG Red Wire (Item #30510-250)
    • 6 ft Banana Plug Test Lead (Item #34120)
  • Pelican Carrying Case for CCMS (Item #CAS015)
  • Foam Insert for CCMS Carrying Case (Item #CAS018)


Safety Data Sheet (SDS):