Concrete Test Cylinders

Certified Material Testing Products offers both metal and plastic concrete test cylinders as part of a complete line of concrete testing supplies. All of our plastic concrete test cylinder molds are in stock and normally ship the same day as your order.

A Wide Variety of Concrete Test Cylinders

Our most popular 4x8 Concrete Test Cylinders comes in either 36 per case or 96 per case and can be purchased in either gray or yellow. All of our plastic concrete test cylinders are made from a non-absorbent, single-piece injected plastic mold for a consistent shape and dimensional integrity. These concrete test cylinders are climate resistant and have no expiration. We also offer the 2x4 concrete test cylinders, 3x6 concrete test cylinders, and the 6x12 concrete test cylinders. Not only do we offer concrete test cylinders, but we also carry quality graduated tamping rods and domed lids.

Our General Lab Equipment

Our concrete test cylinders are part of our extensive selection of concrete testing equipment. Certified MTP is your source for material testing products. Our selection includes asphalt testing equipment, cement testing equipmentgeneral lab equipment, and more! Contact us today!

Best Concrete Test Cylinders Include:

Concrete Test Cylinder
  • 4x8 Concrete Test Cylinders
  • 6x12 Concrete Test Cylinders
  • 3x6 Concrete Test Cylinders
  • 4x8 Metal Cylinder Test Mold
  • 2x4 Concrete Test Cylinders
  • 6x12 Metal Cylinder Test Mold
  • 4x8 Metal Cylinder Test Mold
  • 6x12 Metal Cylinder Test Mold with Handle
  • and More