Cube Molds

Certified Material Testing Products features a large variety of cube molds for concrete, cement, mortar, grout, and capping compound as part of a complete line of concrete and cement test supplies.

The Bronze Cube Mold and the Stainless Steel Cube Mold meet the ASTM and AASHTO requirements.  These metal molds are accurately machined to produce 2in cubes in a diagonal position.  The Bronze Cube Mold Kit and the Stainless Steel Cube Mold Kit also include a Brass Curing Cover with Clamps and a Tamping Rod.

For internal QC purposes, Certified Material Testing Products recommend the Three Piece Plastic Econ-O-Cube Mold that is reusable, has a detachable base and is held together by self-aligning thumbscrews that ensures a strong, tight fit.

Best Cube Molds for Concrete Include:

Concrete Cube Mold
  • Three Piece Plastic Econ-O-Cube Mold, 2"x2"
  • Rubber Tamper for Cube Molds
  • Extra Liners for 2" Cube Maker System (198/Case)
  • Cube Mold, Bronze
  • Cube Mold, 2", Cube Set, HDP
  • 150mm Plastic Cube Mold
  • Cover Plate for Grout Testing in Cube Mold
  • 2" Cube Maker Mold Frame
  • Cube Mold, 2"x2", Stainless Steel