Seedburo F6-METER Delmhorst Analog Hay Moisture Meter, Range: 13-40% (No Prod)


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Hay, Hemp and Straw Moisture Testers

The Delmhorst digital F2000 and the analog F6 Moisture Testers are used to check the moisture content of hay before baling and to check the moisture content of bales for safe storage.
Each unit comes complete with a No. 1235 10" prod (attaches directly to meter).

Other prods are available for testing moisture in hay stacks, windrows, small & large bales or chopped hay.

The F2000 has a moisture range of 8-40%. It can store up to 100 readings and display the average and highest of the accumulated readings. It also features an adjustable, audible set-point to alert you when a pre-selected % of moisture has been reached.
The F-2000 hay moisture meter is also great for hemp producers looking to enhance quality control. The F-2000 has the versatility to check hemp in its various forms. A hemp chart is included with the purchase of this product.

The F6 has a 13-40% moisture range.
Also available: our F6-L with low moisture range of 6-30%.

The FX2000-PKG is supplied with the 1986 plate for mounting in your baler, complete with 30 foot cable.

Specifications - All units:

  • Actual dims (meter) 3" L x 1¾" W x 7" H.
  • Ship wt 2 lbs.
  • Ship Dims 13" L x 10" W x 6"


  • F2000: Digital Hay Moisture Meter W/ #1235 Prod, Range: 8-40%
  • F2000-PKG: F2000 Meter, H4 Handle, 830-2 Prod, 831 Prod & Carrying Case
  • F2000/18PKG: F2000 Moisture Meter, H4 With Electrode Handle, 830-3, 18in
  • F6: Analog Hay Moisture Meter W/#1235 Prod, Range: 13-40%
  • F6-LOW: Analog Hay Moisture Meter With Low Range 6-30% W/1235 Prod
  • F6-LOWMETER: Meter Only For Low Moisture Readings
  • F6-METER: Analog Hay Moisture Meter Only
  • FX2000-PKG: FX-2000 Meter, H4 Handle, 831 Prod, 830-2 Prod, 1986 Bale
  • FX2000/1986: Delmhorst Digital Hay Moisture Meter W/1986 Baler Sensor
  • 1235: 10in Prod For F6/F2000 Moisture Testers
  • 324CAS-0065: Carrying Case Moisture Meters


Delmhorst Digital Moisture Meter (F2000T)

Seedburo F6-METER Delmhorst Analog Hay Moisture Meter, Range: 13-40% (No Prod)