Gilson CTA-49 Draw Bolt (M8 Short) for Proceq Pull-Off Adhesion Tester Test Discs


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Proceq Concrete Strength Testing Equipment

CTA-49: M8 Short Draw Bolt affixes to a Pull-Off Adhesion Tester test disc. Proceq test discs require an M10 draw bolt. M8 and M12 draw bolts are for use with test discs not supplied by Proceq. The CT-143 Pull-Off Tester requires an M10 draw bolt for forces above 16kN.

Proceq Pull-Off Adhesion Testers produce accurate, repeatable results when testing bond, adhesion or tensile strength of coatings, overlays, and substrate surfaces. The Testers are fully automated, with one touch operation after programming and test disc preparation are complete. Feedback controlled motors provide a constant, verifiable load rate that eliminates operator influence on load measurements. Every test parameter is verifiable and recorded by the included DY-Link software. The compact size of the Testers allows use in spaces with restricted access and easy operation on walls and overhead surfaces. Applications include the bond and strength assessment of concrete repairs and overlays, pull-off and adhesion strength of coatings bonded to concrete, tensile strength of concrete surfaces, and adhesive strength of asphalt.


  • Affixes to applicable Pull-Off Tester test disc
  • M8, M10, or M12 size

Included Items:

  • Draw bolt (M8)


  • Test Discs for Pull-Off Adhesion Testers are available in different sizes and material to meet applicable test standards


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