Gilson TSA-101 4M ISO 4mm Test Screen Tray with Cloth for Gilson Testing Screen Shaker

Tray Type:
Full Tray
ISO Opening Size:
V015.TSA-101 4M

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ISO Testing Screen & Test-Master® Trays

The ISO Testing Screen & Test-Master Trays for Gilson's Testing Screen and Test- Master Screen Shakers feature a complete range of sizes from 125.0mm to 38µm in ISO 3310/565 Compliance Grade cloth. Mesh for openings finer than 4.00mm is stainless steel, and plain steel is used for openings 4.75mm and coarser. All Trays are serial numbered, and a certificate of performance is included with each.

Supporting ribs beneath the cloth of Trays with openings from 1.18mm to 75µm prevent sagging and stretching. Trays with cloth finer than 63µm use No.4 stainless steel Backing Cloth for full support in place of ribs.

These screen trays are 18" x 26" (457 x 660mm) in size and designed for use with models Gilson Testing Screen Shakers and the Gilson Test-Master Screen Shakers.

4.00 millimeter full ISO Testing Screen Trays feature welded and bolted heavy gauge painted steel construction and are fitted with ISO 3310/565 Compliance Grade wire cloth.


  • Meets ISO 3310/565 wire cloth specifications
  • Rugged steel Screen Trays are designed for use in Gilson Testing Screen and Test-Master® models

Included Items:

  • 4.00mm Test Screen Tray
  • Serial Number
  • Compliance Grade ISO 3310/565 wire cloth


  • Tray Type: Full Tray
  • ISO 565, 3310-1 Opening Size: 4.00mm
  • Cloth Material: Stainless Steel
  • Estimated Shipping Weight: 18.0lb (8.16kg)
ISO 4mm Testing Screen & Test-Master Tray

Gilson TSA-101 4M ISO 4mm Test Screen Tray with Cloth for Gilson Testing Screen Shaker