Jaybird XE-2000-HS Hanging Sump Fog System


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The XE 2000 Hanging Sump is a ready-to-operate unit designed for interior humidification, evaporative cooling, and chemical fogging. Components are UV stabilized and suitable for outdoor use.

This centrifugal atomizer has a rear-feed blade system that produces billions of tiny, fog-like particles that evaporate quickly. Turbo XEs have an adjustable fog output combined with powerful airflow. The unit’s sump recycles wastewater and conserves water, making this unit great for use in drought-prone areas. The XE Hanging Sump uses a float valve to maintain the water level in the tank, a submersible pump to send water to the fogging head, and ball valve to control the fogging output.

The Hanging Sump comes equipped with an on/off power switch, 20’ of water line, and a 15’ power cord with plug. Units hang by U-bolts or a universal mounting bolt.

  • Nozzle-Free Atomization
  • Easy Pivot Fogging Head
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Recycles Wastewater
  • Arrives Fully Assembled

XE 2000-HS is equipped with a dependable rear-feed blade system. The feed tube attached to the fan motor provides a secure support, feeding the liquid into the back of the blade assembly. The specialized molded blade is light weight, UV stabilized and very energy efficient.