Gilson AP-20 NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace


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The NCAT Asphalt Content Furnace has an internal electronic balance automatically monitoring the sample weight throughout the ignition process, saving valuable technician time and increasing productivity in the lab. Simply enter the sample weight and calibration factor for your particular mix design, place the sample in the furnace chamber and press "start." When the test cycle is complete, the system automatically ends the test and prints the results. A periodic "beep" alerts the technician that the test has ended. Pressing "stop" unlocks the chamber door and the sample can be removed and allowed to cool for gradation analysis.

Asphalt binder ignition testing is an environmentally friendly and cost effective test method to determine asphalt content of paving mixtures and ensure high quality and economical asphalt product. The ignition method reduces testing time when compared to solvent extraction. A 1,200-1,800g sample of asphalt can be tested in 30-45 minutes with the NCAT Furnace. The unit can accommodate samples up to 5,000g at extended testing times. The method also eliminates the cost of solvent, the secondary cost of solvent disposal and safety concerns when handling solvent in the lab.

NCAT Furnace software allows selection of automatic or manual test modes. In the automatic mode, the software ends the test when the endpoint is detected, prints out the results and "beeps." It continues to beep until "stop" is pressed to unlock the door. In the manual mode, the unit "beeps" when the endpoint is detected, but continues to test until "stop" is pressed, unlocking the door and printing the results. Positive or negative correction factors can be entered to correct for unique mix characteristics. Weight change due to sample and basket assembly temperature change is automatically compensated for each sample tested. The automatically detected endpoint of the test cycle is reached when weight loss from the sample is less than a user-established setpoint between 0.01% and 0.5% for three consecutive readings. Test results are computed as asphalt content per total weight of HMA sample or bitumen ratio per weight of dry aggregate to an accuracy of ±0.11%.

The furnace is pre-heated to a setpoint temperature within the range of 450°-650°C (842°-1,202°F). The default setting is 538°C (1,000°F). The hot-mix asphalt sample is weighed and divided into two screened baskets on a tray assembly. This complete assembly is placed in the chamber on the furnace hearth tray. Once the door is closed and the test initiated, the door remains locked until completion. During ignition and burn-out, released volatiles are further oxidized in a high-temperature afterburner with a patented ceramic filter heated to 750°C (1,382°F). This system has been shown to reduce process emissions by up to 95%.

The furnace controller 24 hour/7 day timing function can be programmed to preheat the furnace to any time set by the operator. A secure, automatic door-locking system provides operator safety and insures test integrity during critical burn-off times. The modular, refractory embedded heating elements provide extended service life and easy, inexpensive replacement. An RS-232 port provides data interface with a personal computer for graphical data analysis.

Included with the NCAT furnace are the Electronic Balance, Hearth Tray, six replacement Fuses and an operation manual. The Starter Kit is required and includes the following; two Sample Basket Assemblies, Transport Handle, Aluminum Cool Down Plate, Cool Down Safety Cage, four rolls of Printer Paper, Basket Brush, and Motor Lubricant. For increased safety the kit includes Head Gear with Face Shield, and Heat Resistant Gloves. Order additional Sample Basket Assemblies, for quicker sample preparation and more sample throughput.

Chamber Dimensions: 14x14x14in (35.5x35.5x35.5mm), WxDxH.

Overall Dimensions: 21.75x26.63x40.5in (54.3x65.1x102.9mm), WxDxH.

Electric: 240V/60Hz, 1-Ph, 20/27 Amp

NCAT Furnaces are not supplied with power cords and must be hard-wired directly to a suitable electrical supply or supplied with a cord and plug by the user.

Product Manual

Meets Test Methods:
ASTM D 6307