Scratch-A-Track Monitor Finger Assembly

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The Scratch-A-Track Monitor Finger Assembly provides a clear, continuous graphic record of total relative movement of adjacent surfaces. Whether it is mounted over a crack, joint or other void, the Monitor tracks thermal movement, structural settlement, load-induced deflections, or any other change in relative positioning. The unit is small, lightweight, inexpensive and climate resistant.

The plastic single-use Recording Pad has a target area coated with a white film and convenient blanks to record written data such as date, location, etc. The Pad is bonded to one surface using superglue or epoxy (pad and epoxy not included). The nickel coated spring steel Finger assembly is then bonded to the opposing surface and adjusted with a thumb screw so that the stainless steel Scriber moves over the surface of the Pad, it leaves a thin, well defined black scratch to permanently record its movement. Finger and Scriber assembly may be used over and over.

Pads for the Scratch-A-Track Monitor Finger Assembly are purchased separately and are not included in the Finger Assembly.