Gilson MS-3 Triple Standard 4" Automatic Compactor with Rotating Base


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The Triple Automatic Standard Duty 4in Indexing Compactor compacts three Marshall asphalt specimens simultaneously in indexing molds. The bevel-face hammer and indexing base plate produces a consistent kneading action during compaction. Larger oak pedestal with steel plate accommodates compacting of multiple specimens. A single motor and counter controls the number of blows on multiple specimens and shuts off at completion. 10lb (4.54kg) bevel-face hammer and 4in mold, base, and collar assembly are included.

The Marshall System is widely used for design and control of bituminous paving mixtures. The resistance to plastic flow of compacted cylindrical specimens is measured in terms of maximum load before fracture occurs. Standard 4" (102mm) diameter specimens are suitable for up to 1" (25.4mm) maximum aggregate size.

Four inch specimens are compacted with a 10 lb (4.54kg) hammer having 3-7/8" (98mm) circular face and 18" (457mm) free fall.

This Triple Automatic Standard-Duty 4in Indexing Compactor has a surcharge weight applied to the hammer foot during compaction. The weight is automatically lifted and released the exact number of hammer blows preset on the digital counter. Multiple automatic units permit duplicate compacting of check specimens under exact temperature conditions. They are also useful for mix design labs or labs with many test to run. Compaction Mold Assemblies, mold holders, hammers, counters, pedestals, and belt guards are provided with this mechanical compactor.

Dimensions: 20x66x20in (508x1676x508mm), LxHxW.

Electric: 115V/60Hz

Test Methods
ASTM D 5581
ASTM D 6926
PTM 705